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Crash Course 5: Responsible storytelling

On this Crash Course, we talk about responsible storytelling with Karen Unland, co-founder of Taproot Publishing and creator of the Alberta Podcast Network.

Crash Course 4: Music and collaboration

On this Crash Course, we talk with local musician Dave Von Bieker about finding local music, the cost obstacle, and collaboration.

Crash Course 3: How to make a podcast

On this Crash Course, we lull you into a false sense of security as we reveal that starting a podcast is actually pretty easy! And Cory rediscovers his high school dr...

Crash Course 2: What's out there and how to listen

On this Crash Course, we’re going talk about the variety of podcasts you can find and tell you some of the different ways you can listen to them.

Crash Course 1: What are podcasts?

Welcome to our very first Crash Course. We’re going to talk about what podcasts are, and what we love about them, from convenience to learning from new perspectives.

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